This was put up since July 2016, site was finally pulled down on WEDNESDAY, 23 NOV 2016


Dear subscriber, SMSwheels as a brand shall be acquired soon for another deployment other than Bulk SMS service. This notice is to prepare our loyal customers for an impending service halt.

By 31 AUGUST 2016, we shall no more process payments to credit subscribers (online payment shall also be disabled), we shall refund anyone that pays into our account(s) after this date (August ending). Meanwhile the portal shall be available till 31 OCTOBER 2016 (extended to Friday, 11 NOVEMBER 2016 to allow some subscribers use up their sms units) for subscribers to harvest contact list, access message history and so on, for use on other platforms they choose to migrate to. Since apologies for inconveniences caused you.


If you need to reach us, kindly follow Support/Help Desk

Thanks for the good times we had together.